Volvo VHD Series Aftermarket DOC & DPF Filters

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About the VHD Series Volvo Trucks

The VHD Series Volvo Trucks offer a range of options to meet the needs of local and regional vocational applications. The VHD 300 is a day cab model with excellent maneuverability and Volvo Dynamic Steering for improved handling. With customizable chassis and multiple power take-off options, this truck is ideal for tasks like concrete pumping and refuse collection that require tight turning radius.

On the other hand, the VHD 400 is a flat-roof sleeper model designed for regional transport operations that require overnight stays. With a 42-inch sleeper featuring a premium mattress, this truck is perfect for tasks like construction and timber harvesting. Enhanced maneuverability with up to a 50-degree wheel cut and versatile chassis options make the VHD 400 a reliable choice for vocational tasks that demand both comfort and functionality. Choose the VHD Series Volvo Trucks for your specific needs and experience top-notch performance on the road.



What is the purpose of a DPF filter in a Volvo VHD Series truck?
The purpose of a DPF filter in a Volvo VHD Series truck is to reduce harmful emissions by trapping and removing particulate matter from the exhaust gases. This helps to improve air quality and comply with emissions regulations.

How often should DPF and DOC filters be replaced in a Volvo VHD Series truck?
DPF and DOC filters in a Volvo VHD Series truck typically need to be replaced every 150,000 to 200,000 miles to ensure optimal performance and emissions control. Regular maintenance and monitoring of these filters can help extend their lifespan and keep the vehicle running smoothly.

Are there aftermarket options available for DPF and DOC filters for Volvo VHD Series trucks?
Yes, there are aftermarket options available for DPF and DOC filters for Volvo VHD Series trucks, providing owners with a cost-effective alternative to OEM replacements while maintaining the performance and emissions standards of their vehicles. These aftermarket options offer a reliable solution for maintaining the environmental compliance and efficiency of Volvo VHD Series trucks.

How can I ensure that aftermarket DPF and DOC filters are compatible with my Volvo VHD Series truck?
To ensure compatibility with your Volvo VHD Series truck, it is recommended to consult with a qualified mechanic or dealer who has experience with aftermarket DPF and DOC filters. They can provide guidance on selecting filters that meet the specifications and requirements of your specific truck model.