Founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of the esteemed DCL Technology Group, Roadwarrior Inc. emerged as a frontrunner in the field of emission control. Leveraging the unmatched reliability and groundbreaking products of its parent company, Roadwarrior has established itself as a trusted provider of innovative emission control solutions for the most demanding environments, including mining, construction, and energy production. 

The inception of Roadwarrior can be traced back to a pivotal moment when their emission control experts identified reliability issues with new aftertreatment devices introduced on Class 8 heavy trucks in 2007. Drawing upon the technology and expertise from their core business, they set out to address this challenge head-on. This marked the birth of Roadwarrior, accompanied by the introduction of the very first aftermarket Diesel Particulate Filter (DPFs). Since then, their commitment to continuous improvement has driven them to build the industry's largest catalog of aftertreatment parts, constantly striving to bring innovative solutions to market rapidly, saving customers both time and money.

A shining example of their dedication to innovation is the recent launch of the industry's first and only efficient aftermarket one-box exhaust treatment system. This revolutionary product features a swappable component design that promises significant savings in time and expenses for future repairs. As the industry evolves and engine designs become increasingly complex to minimize environmental impact, their emission control engineers remain at the forefront of tackling ongoing challenges. Roadwarrior stands ready to develop innovative and reliable emission control products that not only meet industry demands but also help customers control costs effectively.

At Roadwarrior, their mission revolves around emissions. They recognize the critical importance of reducing environmental impact in the industry and remain steadfast in their commitment to driving sustainable solutions. By delivering advanced emission control technologies, they empower businesses to align with regulatory requirements, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve their environmental goals.