Skyline Emissions is a leading company specializing in the design,  development, and manufacture of a comprehensive range of aftermarket diesel particulate filters (DPF) and diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC). With a strong focus on heavy-duty and medium-duty on-highway diesel applications, Skyline's innovative solutions are essential for various vehicles including heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, school buses, motor coaches, and shuttle buses.

Backed by a team of highly skilled engineers boasting decades of experience in diesel emissions control, Skyline's DPFs and DOCs embody the perfect balance of Exact-Fit™ design, exceptional quality, and rigorous performance testing. The company's commitment to excellence translates into tangible benefits for its customers, providing greater value through durable products with extended service life.

Skyline's extensive product line comprises more than 160 parts and continues to grow, offering a wide range of options to suit different vehicle requirements. Whether it's reducing harmful emissions or ensuring optimal performance, Skyline's DOCs and DPFs are meticulously crafted to meet industry standards, surpass customer expectations, and keep fleets running smoothly while minimizing operating costs.

The company's success lies in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, where cutting-edge technology and precision engineering come together to produce top-notch emission control solutions. Skyline's rapid shipping and testing capabilities further enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring quick delivery and reliable performance.

To ensure widespread availability and convenient access, Skyline Emissions products are sold through a network of distributors spanning across the United States and Canada. This strategic distribution system enables the company to serve a broad customer base and effectively cater to the needs of various industries.

With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, exceptional product quality, and unwavering customer service, Skyline Emissions continues to lead the way in revolutionizing diesel emissions control. By providing innovative solutions that combine performance, reliability, and efficiency, Skyline is empowering businesses to meet regulatory standards, reduce environmental impact, and optimize their operations for a greener future.