Durafit is a renowned manufacturer of emissions and exhaust technologies, with a strong focus on serving customers in the commercial vehicle aftermarket. With decades of experience, they have established themselves as a trusted provider of high-quality products. Durafit's primary objective is to ensure that customers have access to the right products, precisely when and where they need them. Their offerings are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed clean air regulations, driving performance improvements, and reducing overall cost per mile. 

Durafit stands out by offering a wide range of complete exhaust system components, providing customers with a comprehensive solution for their needs. From the initial design stages to the final delivery, Durafit is committed to delivering exceptional service. Their emphasis on high service levels ensures that customers receive the support they require throughout the entire process. Additionally, Durafit takes pride in being at the forefront of the industry, often introducing first-to-market products and providing extensive application coverage for light, medium, and heavy-duty commercial diesel applications.

Innovation is deeply ingrained in Durafit's approach. They attribute their continuous progress to the enduring relationships they have built with their customers, which inspire their team of design engineers, materials experts, metallurgists, and process engineers to constantly push the boundaries of Diesel emissions and exhaust products. Durafit actively seeks input from installation technicians, heavy-duty fleets, and distribution partners to develop and test new parts extensively in the lab, on the road, and in the field. This customer-centric approach is fundamental to how Durafit conducts their business.

Durafit takes full advantage of the digital revolution, leveraging unprecedented levels of agility to better serve customer needs. They have embraced new developments in rapid prototyping, integrating computer-aided design systems with coordinate-measuring machines (CMM) for highly precise dimensional measuring. Moreover, their utilization of CNC pipe benders has significantly reduced time-to-market for new products.

With their broad market coverage, Durafit serves various industries with unique requirements. Regardless of the specific market, Durafit's commitment remains the same—to provide customers with the most value from their investment in their products. Durafit achieves this by dedicating resources to research, development, and testing, ensuring their products are tailored for fleet vehicles, medium- to heavy-duty trucks, and even industrial applications.

Durafit's vertically-integrated manufacturing process sets them apart. They have established a comprehensive value chain that allows them to source, produce, test, validate, and ship products faster than their competitors. By maintaining strict quality control standards, Durafit can quickly respond to customers' diverse product orders while ensuring superior product fitment, service life, and unmatched performance. Their advanced automation, robotics, and computer-controlled monitoring systems, combined with electronic connectivity with their factories and suppliers, result in lower costs, improved inventory management, higher quality products, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Durafit is dedicated to keeping trucks moving and protecting their customers' bottom line. Their unwavering commitment to customer-driven innovation and vertically-integrated manufacturing makes them a reliable partner in the commercial vehicle aftermarket.