Kenworth K370 Aftermarket Truck Parts

Looking for aftermarket parts for your Kenworth K370 truck? Look no further than DPF Canada! We offer high-quality DPF/DOC filters for on-road heavy diesel trucks, including the Kenworth K370. Our filters are designed to meet Tier 4 emissions standards, ensuring optimal performance and compliance. Trust DPF Canada for all your aftermarket truck part needs!


K370 Kenworth Truck

Why choose DPF Canada for your K370 Kenworth Truck Aftermarket DPF Filters & Doc Filters?

At DPF Canada, we understand the importance of choosing the right aftermarket DPF filters and DOC filters for your K370 Kenworth truck. That's why we are the ideal choice for all your needs.

First and foremost, our commitment to product quality sets us apart. We exclusively offer brand new units, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your truck. Additionally, our user-friendly platform makes it easy for you to find and purchase the right DPF filter components for your K370 Kenworth.

We also prioritize customer convenience. With our zero core returns policy, you don't have to worry about any core charges or the hassle of returning cores. Furthermore, we offer complimentary shipping across Canada and the USA, saving you both time and money.

When it comes to customer support, our expert team is always available to assist you. Whether you have questions about installation or need help choosing the right warranty option, we're here to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Lastly, our track record speaks for itself. Established in 1998 and entering the diesel aftermarket in 2007, we have years of experience and a proven commitment to excellence. Our mission is to ensure the wellbeing and health of your truck, and we stand by that every step of the way.

Choose DPF Canada for your K370 Kenworth truck aftermarket DPF filters and DOC filters, and experience the difference that quality, convenience, and expertise can make.

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About the K370 Kenworth Trucks

K370 Kenworth Truck

The Kenworth K370 is a versatile truck model that is perfect for various applications. With its powerful engine and durable construction, it excels in urban settings, making it ideal for local deliveries, refuse collection, and utility work.

The K370 is equipped with high-quality parts that ensure reliability and longevity. Its PACCAR PX-7 engine provides exceptional performance and fuel efficiency, while the robust frame and suspension system guarantee a smooth ride even on rough terrains.

One of the unique features of the K370 is its compact design, allowing for easy maneuverability in tight spaces. Additionally, its ergonomic cabin provides optimal comfort for the driver, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue.

The K370 also offers advanced safety features such as air disc brakes and electronic stability control, ensuring maximum safety on the road.

Overall, the Kenworth K370 is a reliable and versatile truck model that excels in urban environments, making it a top choice for businesses in need of a powerful and efficient vehicle.



What is the best practice for DPF maintenance on a K370?
The best practice for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) maintenance on a K370 involves regular cleaning and monitoring to ensure optimal performance and prevent clogging. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and use approved cleaning methods and products for effective DPF maintenance.

Can I perform a forced regeneration on the K370’s DOC?
No, it is not possible to perform a forced regeneration on the K370's Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) as it is a passive regeneration system that relies on normal driving conditions to burn off accumulated soot.

Are K370 DPFs interchangeable with other Kenworth models?
No, K370 DPFs are not interchangeable with other Kenworth models as they are specifically designed and manufactured for the K370 model. Attempting to use them in other Kenworth models may result in compatibility issues and potential damage to the vehicle.

How to diagnose DPF sensor issues in a K370?
To diagnose DPF sensor issues in a K370, a diagnostic scan tool can be used to retrieve any trouble codes related to the sensor. Additionally, a visual inspection of the sensor and its wiring for any damage or loose connections can help identify potential issues.